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Wordpress Hosting in South Africa

What exactly is Wordpress?

What exactly is WordPress? WordPress, at its core, is the simplest and most popular way to create your own website or blog. WordPress, in fact, powers 40% of all websites on the Internet. Yes, WordPress is likely to power more than one out of every four websites you visit.

On a more technical level, WordPress is an open-source content management system licensed under the GPLv2 license, which means that anyone can use or modify the WordPress software for free. 
A content management system (CMS) is essentially a tool that allows you to manage important aspects of your website, such as content, without having to know anything about programming. As a result, WordPress makes website creation accessible to anyone – even those who aren't developers. Host your WordPress website on one of our high-performance WordPress hosting servers.

What is Litespeed?

LiteSpeed Web Server outperforms the competition in terms of sheer speed and scalability. When it comes to providing PHP content, LiteSpeed outperforms Apache. It's an excellent hosting platform for serving WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal websites because it improves PHP's performance and security.

Apache Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server

How to install WordPress on cPanel

Login to your cPanel Account. Scroll down until you see the Softaculous icon and click on it. Now search for WordPress or select WordPress under the Blog section. Click on Install Now
Select the domain you want to install WordPress on from the drop-down menu. Remove wp from the Directory field if you want to install to your Root directory. Now, insert your custom username/password and click on Quick Install.
You can now either login directly via your browser ( https://mywebsite/wp-admin) or you can click on the Admin icon in the Softaculous App installer to login automatically.