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How to make your website responsive with Site Builder

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December 7, 2017
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Site Builder makes it easy to optimize your website for different devices such as tablets or mobile phones. To enable this feature following the instructions below.

Login via cPanel/Directadmin. Click on the Site Builder icon/link to log into the Site Builder utility.

On the Site Builder toolbar you will find different layouts ( Wide, Desktop, Tablet and Phone ). Now select the layout you would like to activate and then click on the OFF button to toggle the setting to ON.

Make website responsive

You will now see a tick mark to indicate that the layout has now been enabled. Follow the same steps for the Tablet & Phone layouts to enable them as well. When the desired layout is selected you will be able to change the look and feel and when done simply choose another layout to continue. Your website will now adapt automatically and will look great on all devices!

Layout enabled

When done, do not forgot to publish your website again.

Site Builder is free on any of your hosting packages. Try our demo and start building your own website today.